Saturday, 19 February 2011

Life is greatest teacher of all-part1

I did my schooling from one of the best school in the locality "Vivekanada kendra Vidyalaya", here we not only gained basic education but also other activities such as yoga, malkham, bhajan, march past, painting, clay modeling etc.

It was this place was I developed keen interest in computer. I was doing programming since standard 5th at that time i was coding in GW Basic. I still remember how famous was "goto" at that times, however it has lost popularity and been infamous and not used these days in modern programming languages which we generally know as OOPs.

We had a small room in my house were I used to do lot of freaky experiment.
My self and Mr. Prandeep Gohain (Jill) childhood friend of mine, used to make remote control cars, mix some salts dip on a copper wire and put them on flames to bring out beautiful colors formation. We did lot of other time type experiments.

I was in 4th standard and had learned that motor can change the direction of rotation if you change the polarity in the wire connecting the motor to power source.

This is how our brain develops some people gain the knowledge by studying from book and some people are observer, they observe and learn, However I never used to score good marks in my exams although I has some what same knowledge as the topper of our class, thing is that it not only learning but also making other believe that you have learned. So we need to improve our skill by which we can make others believe on us. The other guy is here to judge you, based on your answer, the way you deliver.

The way we talk, write and express help us to improve our presentation skills.

Let’s conclude the small post here.
  1. We need improve our observation capabilities.
  2. We need convert our observation into some learning.
  3. We need to improve our presentation and communication skills to share our learning.
  4. We are judge by another person at each point of life; we need to learn how to judge others as one day we will have to judge other.

Now questions that come up are:

  1. How to improve (observation, learning, presentation) skills?
  2. Can every one improve equally?
  3. What will happen if every one has improved and are equal?

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  1. Gr8 post dude. Continue sharing your experiences.